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We provide copy services for photographs and movies. The movies can either be on dvd, vhs or 8mm. Other formats are possible, please inquire. You cannot imagine the power of a moving record of your photos, whether they are simply your latest vacation or your family growing up. Let us help you preserve these memories for generations to come.

 Photos on DVD:
Movies on DVD (or VHS):

Music for your movies:

Photos on DVD: :
We will copy, organize and produce a "movie" of your photos. Each photo is normally displayed for 6 seconds. We can add zooms, pans and transitions to keep the images interesting. We can also add music. Our DVDs will play on the majority of DVD players.
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Movies on DVD (or VHS): :
Transferring you movies to DVD or VHS is a snap and there is NO loss of image quality. Your movies will retain the same level of quality, no matter how many copies you need. Our DVDs are compatible with most new DVD players. Just pop it into your DVD player and watch your own movie on TV. Movie transfer costs are dependent on the amount of editing required. Movies without editing cost approximately $1 a minute. Keep in mind that most audiences are happy with a program of 30 minutes or less. We have produced many fabulously entertaining videos of both and 20 and 30 minutes.
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Music for your movies: :
Choose from over 400 titles for background music for you movie or provide your own.
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