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Simple photo preservation Simple photo preservation

Save your photos to disk –
Photos of our most precious memories are priceless. Are your old pictures fading? Are they stored away in boxes and books, deep in some closet? Do you worry that a hurricane or other disaster could completely destroy all of the images forever?

We can help you preserve and protect these irreplaceable images. Let us digitize them for you and store them onto a CD or DVD so they will retain their detail and never fade again!. You can give copies to all of your relatives! Many DVD and CD players will even allow you to view these CDs as a slide show right on your TV.

Our pricing is very competitive and turn around is quick. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks for considering our work!

Photo Digitization: We digitize photos in at a resolution of 1200x1600. This resolution produces great quality standard size photographic prints. If you will need to print your photos in a very large size, larger that 8x10, we can also make arrangements for higher resolution digitization.

We digitize your photos "as is". If you would like us to crop, do color correction or restore the photos, please see the Special Services Section below.

Special Services:

·          Enhance/Retouching: Although an image cannot always be restored to a like new condition - especially heavily damaged or faded photos, the quality and detail can be restored to most images.

·          Color correction: Fix discolored and yellowed photos, restore the black-and-white tone of your original, or turn an old black-and-white photo. 

·          Cropping: Depending upon your purpose, you may also wish to use the crop tool to cut out the background or focus in on a particular person.





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