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  I love Gainesville and I love making personal movies out of people's memories. If you would like to learn more about what I do, use the Email or Contact links in the menu on the left.

I created a 4 minute slide show of images of Gainesville. I had the
opportunity to be outside with my camera on a couple of beautiful days
and it inspired me to put this together. What I was wanting to do is to
fill the page around the slide show with words that people use to
describe Gainesville.... just fill the whole page so here it is....
thanks Marilyn, Randi, Ruth, JT and Mary

beauty, peaceful, full of trees, smiles, eclectic, fun, ever changing, country roads ..... lush green shaded spaces,
diverse people and places, friendly faces, recycled bicycles alligators otters Ichituchnee
alice hehr 43 St. Deli satchels the slice fraternity row lake alice , halloween ball
downtown festival spring arts 5th ave. the thomas center st. francis house 34th st. wall jim evangelist
acrosstown rep. theater the grainery the blackbird snuffy's lenny kessel coney island the star garage

hippodrome prairie watermelons sunset live oak spanish moss expanse
horizon lotus fireflies cold winter cold houses! down to earth reality kitchen flashbacks hard back cmc
melody club the zoo spectrum shieks horsefeathers inn of the white lotus 
eating mushrooms tom petty gainesville green the duckpond stephen foster the southeast
mikes tobacco cafe espresso tattoos' hippies i came here planning to stay for 4 years, that was in 1978. still here.

   Connected    Accessible Familiar    Community-feeling    Comfortable    Nature-accessible    
Raccoons roaming around Artsy-fartsy

Progressive pocket "hogtown" small town feel with big town amenities,
I can ride my bike to work, green,
trees, live oaks and palm trees, snow birds, sandhill cranes,
events for all ages and persuasions, gator
nationals, football, the massage school, spiritual energy, a great place to raise a family,
UF town &
gown, the home van, proximity to the springs and rivers, lake wauberg and lake alice and
bivens arm, nature nature nature is our backyard,
farmer's market, a sense of community.That's all for now




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