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Check out the links below to see for yourself some of the great things we can do for your photos. The final product will be a high quality DVD or VHS tape. The samples shown here are produced at a much lower quality to make them easier to view on line. If you would like a dvd copy of these samples, please email us using our Contact Us Link.

NOTE: You will need either Windows/Quick Time Media Player or
Real Player to watch these clips. Both players are free.

Family Album
Morphing (Real Player)
Morphing magically shows the subtle changes from one face to another. Uses RealPlayer.
Morphing (QuickTime/Windows media player)
Similar morphing example for users of windows media player.
Photo Effects
Special effects and transitions (QuickTime/Windows media player)
A one minute movie showing a variety of photo transitions and special effects like bubble, pencil drawing. This sample is part of a 20 minute video that was created for a newly wed couple. It contained 50 pictures each of the bride and groom growing up and 25 pictures of them together.
Photo Booth Picture Effects (QuickTime/Windows media player)
These pictures are were taken in a photo booth. There were hundreds of them and the chanllenge was how to present in a way that the viewers wouldn't get bored. The solution was to cut them very quickly together, add some fun effects to the images and tie it all together with some fast music.
Growing up
Growing up (Real Player)
A short example for users with Real Player instead of Window Media Player.


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