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Check out some of our mostly commonly asked questions below. If you don't find the answer that your are looking for, please contact us via phone or email. See our Contact page for more info.

How do we get our photos to you? And how do you know how to organize them?

Once you decide that you want a movie created for you we will mail you a kit that contains instructions on how we can help you organize the material. The kit contains different envelopes and labels which allow you decide the "flow" of the movie. Your show can be by date and time, by events, by personalities. It's up to you but we are ready and willing to assist you with suggestions.

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How many photos do you need for a movie?

Movies can be of any length, it just depends on how much material you have. Most movies run from 5 to 30 minutes. Generally speaking a 5 minute movie would have 50 photos.... a 30 minute movie would have 300 photos.

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Can I add music to my movie?

Yes, you can add music. We have a list of music titles that we have used in the past. You can also supply your own music.

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How much do these movies cost?

The cost of the movie depends on the length of the movie, the special effects, music and any other add ons. A 15 minute movie with 150 photos can cost as little as $150 and it will preserve your images and memories for a lifetime! Special effects and other add ons cost extra. Contact us for an estimate. You can also check our Custom Options page from more information. There is a $100 minumum for all DVDs and VHS tapes. Special effects and transitions can be added for an additional charge or between .50 and $1 per image! (Shipping, handling and extra copies are not included in this total.)

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My images are already in digital format. How does that effect the pricing?

When you provide images in digital format (jpg, bmp, gif), the price for making your movie drops. A 20 minute movie without special effects made from your digital images would only be $100 (or .50 per image). Add effects and transitions for an additional .50 per image and your cost is still only $150! (Shipping, handling and extra copies are not included in this total.)

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